Home Depot DECORA Cabinets Comparison

Cabinets Comparison

Home Depot DECORA cabinets or Conestoga RTA ADVANTAGE cabinets? I was at Home Depot yesterday (4-8-19) and thought that I would take a look at their kitchen cabinets.  I always like to see  what they are offering and how it compares to what Conestoga Wood Specialties offers.  I was looking for their top-of-the-line cabinets, as…

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Painted Kitchen Cabinets — MDF vs. Wood

MDF vs. Wood

If I wanted painted kitchen cabinet doors, which would I choose? Let the battle begin: MDF vs. wood … or even a Hybrid door (wood framing with a MDF center panel)? This has been discussed and debated online in articles and forums with no clear cut winner that I can tell. So which is better…

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