Conestoga's Finishes

Over 1000 Finish Combinations are Available!

Conestoga's finish options enhance the natural beauty of wood and other substrates by adding color and depth to each cabinet and door design. Choose from thousands of colors including our palette of standard colourtone paints, hand-wiped stains, glazes and Custom Prism Paints (just about any color in Sherwin-Williams fan deck)

We do not recommend picking out a color, based on what you see on you computer screen, as different monitors can distort the actual color.  We suggest you use, what is presented here, to maybe narrow your choices, and then request some color sample chips, followed by ordering a sample door, made to your spec's.  Conestoga does have a Interactive Wood Specie and Color Selector Tool, on their website that may be of some help to you.  It can be kinda tricky to use, but if you would like to give it a try click here.

Finish on Paint Grade Hard Maple

Antique White

Arctic White (brightest White)


Designer White

Cadet Grey



Crystal White

Heartstone Grey


Frosty White

Sandstone (premium color)



Metropolitan Grey

Regent Blue

Finish on Paint Grade Red Oak