Door Design Options

Below are Conestoga's door options.  The cost for these are already included in your door price, so just select whatever you like.

  • Edge Profile:  Is the detail on the 4-outer edges on your door and drawer front.  Some doors have a design specific edge profile like the Windham, and quite a few of the miter door designs.
  • Center Panel Raise:  Is the center panel on your door and drawer fronts.  Some doors have a design specific center panel, such as most of the Shaker style doors.  Some narrow door designs (doors under 7-1/2" in width) may require a flat cent panel, and some drawer front designs will require a flat cent panel, especially miter drawer fronts designs.
  • Framing Bead:  Is the detail between the 4-outer pieces of door framing, and the center panel.  Some doors have design specific Framing Beads, like most of the Shaker style doors, and a lot of the miter design doors.

If you do not specify the door options, we select them based of proven combinations such as,  if you choose a Shaker door, we would select the ME or L-1160 outer Edge profile.  If you chose a raised panel door, we would probably select the PRS-2 Edge Profile, Slant center panel raise, and the Regular Framing Bead.  If you had an Inset door design, we would either select the ME for the edge profile, or L-253 (5-degree back bevel)

Whether your style is bold or understated, complement the door with your choice of flat, rounded, squared or profiled door edges.

B-2 (3/8" radius)



L-034 (2x 3/32" radius)

L-059 (3/8" radius)

L-149 (1/8" radius)

L-1160 (1/16" radius)




ME (Machine Edge)