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All the kitchens displayed on our site are real kitchens owned by real customers.

Details and Pricing: Each project displayed below provides basic information about the kitchen details (wood species, finish, door fronts, etc.) and the approximate cost to replicate that same kitchen.  All prices given are estimates and include shipping costs.

Stepanian office

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Manes Kitchen

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Kostelansky - hutch

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Stone Kitchen

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Buffum Kitchen & Bath

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Servello Kitchen

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Bleyer Kitchen

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Rasmussen Kitchen and Baths

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Kostelansky Kitchen

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Ziegler Kitchen

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Redlinds Road Kitchen

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The Klun Kitchen

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The Romito Kitchen

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The Spence Project

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The Tipu Kitchen

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The Avila Closet

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The Fredell Kitchen

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The Klun Bathroom

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Saint Paul Street Kitchen

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The Colegrove Wet Bar

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The Utsler Kitchen

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The Tierney Bathroom

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The Tierney Kitchen

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The Saunders Kitchen

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The Strange Kitchen

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The Klun Master Bathroom

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The Colegrove Kitchen

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The Birget Project

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The Meier Project

CRP-10827, Std. grade Hard Maple, Autumn stain, Carmel glaze, Approximately $4,200


The Livingston Kitchen

Stockbridge door, Paint grade Hard Maple, Frosty White, Approximately $7,200

The Dorial Kitchen, Bloomfield Hills, MI

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