Vesta Frameless Cabinets Catalog

Introducing Conestoga's newest line of Cabinet Systems, Vesta. The Vesta Full Access Cabinet Systems Manual contains the details about our robust offerings. Content includes in-depth descriptions, product renderings, cross sections, specifications, etc. Order forms are included within the manual.

Click on the links below to download Conestoga's Vesta. It is both broken down into chapters to help you find what you are looking for. Catalog is not meant for the general public, but we are making these catalogs available to you, so you can see all the products that Conestoga offers, and you can see some technical spec's that may help you with your design and cabinet list preparation. So, if you would to see prices for any item, we suggest you submit your cabinet list, or specific component, for a quote. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Currently, the Vesta FRAMELESS cabinets cases (cabinet box, or carcass) come with 3/4" thick particle board core with melamine finish on both sides in either Coastal White or Fog Grey.  Matching Case (cabinet box, or carcass) Color Option is available in all Intrigue TTS and Vogue TTS colors. Plywood Cases (cabinet box, or carcass) are not available, at this time, However, Conestoga is expected to offer this in the future.  Possibly as early as Spring of 2025?

  Vesta Cabinet Systems Manual

If you only need to download a single chapter, use the links below.

Vesta Products Catalog - Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - General Information
Chapter 2 - Lead-times
Chapter 3 - Specifications
Chapter 4 - Doors and Drawer Fronts
Chapter 5 - Wall Cabinets
Chapter 6 - Base Cabinets
Chapter 7 -Tall Cabinets
Chapter 8 - Vanity Cabinets
Chapter 9 - Home Office/Media Cabinets
Chapter 10 - Accessories
Chapter 11 - Options
Chapter 12 - Finishing Program

Cabinet Vesta Frameless BOMs Calculator