Wood Species

Over 20 Wood Species Available!

We have something for everyone. Whether you prefer the warmth and beauty of closed grain woods, or the bolder styling of open grains and rustic species, we offer a variety of colors, textures and grain patterns.

The Standard Wood Species are Cherry, Hard Maple, Red Oak and PGHM (paint grade hard maple).  Just about anything Conestoga offers, such as Cabinet Boxes (front frames and finished sides), Doors, Wood Hoods, Corbels, Legs and Feet are available in these species.

Non-Standard Wood Species are Alder, Hickory, Red & White Birch, Walnut, etc.  While all the doors and cabinet front frames are available in these species, finished cabinet sides (exposed sides) are not, and thus will require a finish skin (1/4" veneer plywood in a Non-Standard specie with a matching finish).  The skin will need to be applied during the assembly of the cabinet, and it can be installed with pin nails and/or adhesive.  We recommend a 3m spray type of adhesive.  Wood Hoods, Corbels, Legs, and Feet are not available in the Non-standard Species.  If you select a Non-Standard wood specie, we can help you select components (legs, corbels, etc.) in a Standard wood specie, with a specific stain, that would be the closes match.

Exotic Wood Species are Zebrawood, Mahogany, Cypress, and Teak.  Again, you can get your doors in the Exotic Wood Species, but that is about it!  The exception may be Mahogany.  Contact your Cabinet Place Online sales person for availability and options.


Hard Maple

Red Oak